Spider-man Super man BABY & Batman Baby Elsa Pink Spidergirl vs Maleficent Funny Hero Prank comic

Spider-man Super man BABY & Batman Baby Elsa Pink Spidergirl vs Maleficent Funny Hero Prank comic
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In this episode of My Superhero Video Evil Maleficent looks into her supernatural magic crystal ball and turns all the superheroes into babies! Baby Superman or Super Baby, Baby Batman, Baby Elsa all play while Spider-man Pink Spidergirl and Spidergirl figure out how to change them back into superhero bros! In this new 2016 top 10 superhero youtube video you will find humor in their quest to battle the Evil Maleficent and her magic crystal ball.

Frozen Elsa & Spidergirl Fall in Love Want Kiss Spider-man Superman Deadpool vs JOKER Shrink Prank

Frozen Elsa and Spidergirl fall in love and really want to kiss their superhero bros! Spider man, Superman, Deadpool and Thor are working together to ask the girls out on a date in April! Spider-girl and Disney's Frozen Elsa are so excited to be going on date with Thor and Deadpool! Superman saves the day after evil Joker pranks the superheroes by shrinking Frozen Elsa into the drink, and Deadpool drinks it and then Superman xray Deadpool to see Elsa inside. Then Thor uses his lightening powers & Elsa's magic wand to save her!

We love supernatural COMIC characters!

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